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Support TEC

TEC is run entirely by volunteers - we donate our time and energy in order to help share God's great works.  Although God doesn't need your money, and the gospel is free, we still have to pay the bills.  Each team member and each TECite pays their portion to be on TEC to help cover expenses.  This fee does not allow us to break even.  TEC is always under financial pressure when we want to put on events and share our ministry. And it is the help of generous people such as yourself that enable us to share God's ministry.

Image by Pierre Herman

God always provides for us, and he uses people like you to do it. TEC has the following needs:


Prayer - above all else, the TEC ministry needs your prayers for continued success.  Pray for blessings, commitment of team members, and open hearts.


You - Without you, your time, love and energy, there will be no TEC.


Money - It's a simple truth: when we need to get something, we usually have to buy it.  Every TEC, we purchase everything from Kleenex to felt markers, construction paper to fruit juice. Any and all donations are appreciated.


If you'd like to donate anything to TEC, please contact the TEC Core Committee. They can be reached via email or phone at 204-996-5896.

Cheques can be mailed to:

          TEC - To Encounter Christ Inc.

          308 Burland Avenue

          Winnipeg, Manitoba

          R2N 2T1


God bless, and thank you for your generosity.

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