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You want to know what TEC is? Well, here's the scoop!

TEC is a unique experience in Christian living for people from the age of 16 and up. TEC stands for "To Encounter Christ" (formerly "Teens Encounter Christ").  The central theme of TEC is the "Paschal Mystery", Christ's invitation to die to ourselves and rise to a new and fuller life. TEC is not an experience for the intellect, but for heart. And from the heart, in time, comes knowledge.


TEC is:

  • A unique experience in Christian living for people from the age of 16 and up.

  • A three day weekend, beginning at 9:30AM on Saturday and ending at about 6:30PM on Monday. Candidates are required to attend all three days.

  • A weekend, free from the pressures of school and work where you will experience living with others and with Christ in a Christian community.

  • A program based on talks and discussions. Worship is also an important part of the weekend, as is live music, fun, and fellowship.

  • Open to people of all christian denominations. The weekend, however, will be of Catholic expression.

  • Not a therapy program. Anyone undergoing a serious personal crisis should reconsider attending at this time.

At TEC you can:

  • Experience a fresh, different atmosphere, away from home, school or work.

  • Meet, and reflect with, other people from different towns, schools and walks of life.

  • Find a God that you can believe in.

  • Encounter Christ alive and risen today!

What happens at TEC?

TEC is led by a team of priests, sisters, adults and teens who have previously made TEC weekends. Individual team members share their experiences of Christ as He lives and moves in their lives. The sacraments and their meaning in today's church and in the lives of everyone present are also discussed. Group sharing, chapel visits, Eucharistic Celebrations, music and the joy of being yourself are part of what makes each weekend a personal experience.

What makes a TEC weekend so special?

"The naturalness of everyone on the weekend really impressed me. I was just able to be myself with everyone there."

"TEC has helped me look for the good in other people and in myself - the Lord couldn't have given me anything better!"

"TEC is people - the living Church - now I know that God loves me too!"

"I felt warm and loved. I felt important in just being there for others."

How did TEC begin?

TEC had its beginning in 1965 in Battle Creek, Michigan under the direction of Fr. Matthew Fedewa.

The first International TEC was held in International Falls in October 1975. In 1977, a group of people from Winnipeg experienced TEC and began work on bringing it to Winnipeg. The first Golden Boy TEC was held in November 1977. Since then, there have been over 90 TEC weekends, and through them, many people have had the opportunity To Encounter Christ, TEC.

Do I have to be catholic to participate?

Although the weekend is of Catholic expression, the message of Jesus Christ is universal. People of all faiths are welcome.

So what are you waiting for?
Click HERE for information on how to apply for a TEC weekend!

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